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Photo listing : tracks

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People going from Glenair to St Peter's have to cross without using a crossing or use two or three crossings to get to that part of town. Another crossing option outside the printer's at the top of Britannia Road, allowing people to cross o ... [more]

There are frequent issues with cyclists taking a short cut to Sandbanks Road to avoid going around the Civic Centre roundabout. We've had to get onto the road on occasion as cyclists with young ones go the wrong way when they shouldn't be o ... [more]

This old very poor footpath is totally unsuitable for dual usage, firstly surface is very bumpy, poor repaired and too narrow for dual users. Why spend all the money on Canford Way section and not upgrade this missing link as bikers will st ... [more]

This old very poor footpath is totally unsuitable for dual usage, firstly surface is very bumpy, poor repaired and too narrow for dual users. Why spend all the money on Canford Way section and not upgrade this missing link as bikers will st ... [more]

There is a pathway alongside Longmeadow Lane, Creekmoor, which I guess 80% of cyclists use when heading to/from Creekmoor. Heading North, if you use the Trailway Path the surface isn't tarmaced. Riding up Longmeadow Road and turning right i ... [more]

Please can drop kerbs be added to this road crossing.

No cycling signs - tour De hamworthy on a top regular basis!

Tarmac the wide double mud path created by walkers feet at the top of the cliff right next to the fence. (Fencing also need maintenance)

Remove barriers to make it accessible for large buggies

Remove barriers to make it accessible for large buggies

The road works started in January and still have the odd bumpy pavements and their signs haven't been taken down, this is 5 months later. Also can you please add a bus that travels to Bournemouth from the West Street stop.

Rather than being known as a "Footpath to nowhere" - this should lead through to the Castleman Trailway at Merley - as shown on old maps

The path should carry on north here along the old S&D railway trackbed towards Ashington.

Crossing needed for pedestrians and cyclists exiting Queens Park

Crossing needed for pedestrians and cyclists exiting Queens Park

There is no pavement on this railway bridge. The route is used on foot by numerous school children going to Talbot Heath School, who have to walk in the road. Cars coming round the bend from the south at higher speeds can pose a significant ... [more]

The one-way pedestrian walk ways need clearer signage/markings. At present there is only one metal sign at each end of the bridge to explain the new system and these signs are being missed, misunderstood or ignored by people. One Way ... [more]

Remove planters and restore access for all road users

No cycle lanes

This area would not be a problem if it weren’t for the parked vehicles blocking the pavement. When Winton / Glenmoor and Winton primary school finish it is extremely crowded with pedestrians, students waiting at bus stops and large groups ... [more]

Too narrow for the amount of pedestrians on school run from Winton Primary and Winton and Glenmoor. Even worse with Coronavirus and staggered start /finish times. The whole one way system is quite dangerous for people walking, especially wi ... [more]

Eastbound traffic turning into Chine Crescent from West Cliff Rd often does not slow down for the corner as the angle is shallow, this is a danger for people crossing the road near the junction. I suggest a small extension to the pavement, ... [more]

It would be nice if "Walking Field Lane" from Poole Park actually led pedestrians somewhere - like into the Dolphin shopping centre rather than via the current dogleg up beside the swimming pool

There is no surfaced safe crossing to cross to opposite pavement

No need for another cycle path it is already on the north side of Somerford Road and runs from Sainsbury’s to Purewell cross

Keep cyclists, scooters, skateboarders off all pavements and pedestrian areas in all areas of Bournemouth including Boscombe, Southbourne and Promenade. The BCP council must be held accountable for all financial costs by the Public for a ... [more]

Can we get rid off the bench and flower pots where all the druggys sit

Path from Pigshoot Lane to Throop Wier has very deep mud after rain so impassable - lay a walkway over that part?

Narrow pavement + post box on corner - road is wide enough for pavement widening

Pavement is too narrow for pushchairs (and wheelbarrows!), especially with bollard

Two round signs (person & bicycle) have been removed from the wooden post at the junction of the walk/cycle route and the public slipway - dome mid-August 2020

Pavement should be created on the Westbound side of the carriageway, in the process the road should be widened. Pavement on the Eastbound side should be designated for cycling only.

There should be a path here through to Ashington Cutting

Add steps from Barrack Road down to Hyde Mews

Put a signpost here advertising the cycle & vehicle-free shortcut path through the woods for pedestrians

Signs to show cycle & vehicle-free pedestrian routes 1. via Lily Pond and 2. via the Head top

Very dangerous for pedestrians to cross from Fishermans Walk towards Southbourne High St. Suggest a zebra crossing to be installed at the junction of Wentworth Ave and Fisherman's Ave and reduce parking spaces at that end of Fishermans Ave, ... [more]

Crossing needed here to get to the chine. Impossible to cross safely during rush hour traffic

Signage needed where the pavement ends at the traffic lights telling cyclists and walkers to use Wimborne Road.

Please create a footpath from the layby on the A31 to the Lady Wimborne Bridge

Pavement widening needed here to allow pedestrians and cyclists moving in both directions. This is the case around the perimeter of Baiter Park

Wide path on Sydenhams side of the road

There is already a cycle path from Sainsbury’s to Purewell Cross on the north side of Somerford Road, it extends the whole way. There is no need whatsoever for a shared cycle path on the south side of Somerford Road. Cyclists already use ... [more]

Refuge in middle of road, between pedestrian / cycle crossings is too small & narrow

There isn’t a pavement here or any safe road crossings near this location. We would definitely benefit having a pavement on this side of the road. It would be safer for pedestrians and also would hugely improve social distance.

Make junction smaller and less dangerous to cross

Add a path going north west

Add zebra crossing

Narrow junction. far to big and too many fast cars

Add zebra crossing and narrow junction

Add zebra crossing. reduce width of junction

Difficult and dangerous to cross despite the crossing which is not on the desire line. reduce the lanes exiting East Way, and reduce width of crossing on the other arms. add a contraflow on Court Road for cycles.

Get rid of the roundabout. too scary to use for pedestrians or cyclists

Zebra crossing required

Need for Zebra crossing

Road is not safe for 2 way traffic please make it a one way road only allowing northbound traffic. This would make it much safer as currently cars have to mount the pedestrian pavement to overtake.

The cobbled part of this road is very difficult/uncomfortable for disabled people to walk on, and for wheelchairs (& bikes)

Add a traffic light controlled pedestrian & cycle crossing here please

Erosion under a tree root has left a wide big step across the footpath so its impassable by disabled or other wheel-bound walkers

Ask the businesses here to stop putting out A frame advertisement boards & benches. These considerably narrow the pavement.

Make this area more pedestrian friendly - there is no pavement if you want to cross over to get to the waterfront here

Pavement disappears. Can’t cross the road as 3 way traffic. Very difficult to go from Chine to Penn Hill along pavement as crossing here is treacherous.

Improved surface needed - overuse by mountain bikes and similar makes surface dangerous in many parts for pedestrians.

Pedestrians are always in serious danger when crossing Western Road, speeds witnessed on temporary display 57mph

Segregate cyclists and pedestrians, currently electric scooters and bikes are speeding

Ban speeding cyclists

Dog walkers made this path to get away from reckless speeding cyclists and now they are using it. Its s bloody joke in the park you are no longer safe to stroll anywhere.

I bet all these anti-cycling lane votes came from the same IP address. There are SO many places to launch in Poole harbour, but without cycle lane this hill is REALLY dangerous

Signs at each side of this bridge stating "Give way to pedestrians" are insufficient. Remark on roads at each approach to bridge. Reduce speed limit from 30 mph to 10 mph on road approaching the bridge. Keep bridge open to traffic.

Cyclists travelling too fast and not giving way to pedestrians. More rounders required along route on pavement stating "Speed limit 10 mph - Cyclists Give Way to Pedestrians AT ALL TIMES." Present signing insufficient.

Can you provide a safe pedestrian crossing for my kids?

No drop kerb in this area of the main stretch of Rempstone Road. nowhere safe for wheelchair users to cross, especially to use bus stops.

There is no drop kerb along this stretch of road to enable a wheelchair to safely get to the other side to get a bus to Poole at the bus stop opposite. Please put one in!

Walkers having to squeeze in to keep out the way of cars. There is room for a pathway adjacent to fields but it is not maintained. Frequently children, parents with pushchairs and dog walkers having to brave traffic here.

Now that the parking has been removed a Zebra crossing is required to allow the elderly, infirm and young to cross the road at this point to access the SSSI and beauty spot.

No cycling - too fast too dangerous

Kerb needs to be dropped for accessibility and for cyclists if the pavement is to be turned into a cycle lane.

A bridge is needed to allow pedestrians & cyclists to cross the Holes Bay dual carriageway.

Dropped kerb and path near gap in sea wall opp Brudenell Ave gets blocked by cars so no access to prom for disability scooters or families with buggies & surf board carriers etc. Need yellow lines to all dropped kerbs onto proms and traff ... [more]

Social distancing not possible at school pick up. Footpath too narrow. No way for push chairs.

Cyclists (and cars) coming from Canford Cliffs are going down the steep hill and getting up too much speed. Expect an accident is inevitable. Speed camera: reduction to 20mph

Separate lanes for cyclists just encourages them to ride even faster and with less consideration for pedestrians and playing children. Some other seaside resorts have tried this and it caused more accidents. Cyclists must be forced to slo ... [more]

The pavement is really narrow here making it extremely dangerous when all the children and parents are going in/coming out of the school, especially as there are no traffic calming measures on that stretch of road.

Make it a school street

Need crossings in roundabout arms

Pavement on right hand side walking up to Wallisdown roundabout is nowhere near wide enough.

Short area of shared pedestrian/cycle path either side of pedestrian crossing... remove cycles from pavement to allow pedestrians walking, in both directions, to social distance without having to walk in the road... N.B. Cyclists illegally ... [more]

Keep left signs painted on road like in the high streets. It’s currently very challenging navigating people and bikes when walking the route the little train used to take.

There is a dropped curb here To access the bridge which is often blocked by a car

Good way of crossing from Eastern side of road to west side needed in order to safely access the public footpath. Many people live in Burton on the East side of Stony Lane however there is no safe pedestrian crossing.

Safer pedestrian crossing required to allow safe transit across CLW for those walking between Redhill Common (via Park Lane) to the river.

Safe crossing needed for walking & cycling

Make Christchurch High St one way for drivers & cyclists from Civic Centre through High St to Fountain Roundabout. Only allow buses to go both ways. Allow current pavement for business frontage, put a pedestrian walkline both sides and make ... [more]

Contrary to one of the other comments there is already a shared cycle path on the north side of Somerford Road there is absolutely no need for a shared cycle path on the south of Somerford Road pavement. This is a very busy pavement bus sto ... [more]

Pavement here should have a dropped kerb

It would be really helpful for the edges of the footpath to be trimmed back to the sides at the location shown (and all along Adastral Road, plus many other paths in Canford Heath) and the bushes here need to be cut back.

There is no signage at all along the seafront promenade from Harbour Road Southbourne to End of Promenade at Sandbanks. Keep left, single file if congested for pedestrians and bikes needed. Hut owner obstructing with tables/chairs should be ... [more]

Mainly, the pavement needs widening. It is narrow anyway (pre Covid) and hard for a parent and pushchair to pass by one other person. Widening the pavement should make it too narrow for the illegal parking on the south side, but still wide ... [more]

No safe crossing from the Lansdowne to the Royal Bath. impossible to cross road, as cars often speed (especially on Friday pm!). Blind spots when buses pull up at both bus-stops. Have experienced and seen near misses with cars! Many elderly ... [more]

No safe crossing from the Lansdowne to the Royal Bath. impossible to cross road, as cars often speed (especially on Friday pm!). Blind spots when buses pull up at both bus-stops. Have experienced and seen near misses with cars! Many elderl ... [more]

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